September 1944


Eerde has one primary school, which now has approximately 120 children, divided in 8 groups. The children, who are 11 and 12 years old, are in the highest class. This group adopts the Airborne monument of Eerde.


This adoption means that every year on September 17th, the children attend at the commemoration of the liberation of Eerde. They read from their own stories about war, liberation, freedom, Anne Frank, about themselves, about today’s world with all of her contradictions and wars, etcetera. They also lay flowers on behalf of the adoption class.
On May 4th is the National commemoration of the dead. Like on many places all over the Netherlands, we commemorate all victims of World War II and later wars. The adoption class participates in this ceremony too.

The teacher spends much time on the preparation. He uses books, magazines and video films. Many veterans have visited the school in the past years. This personal contact always impresses the children very much.

Preparing for September 17th the children discuss matters such as:

  •     the rise of National Socialism in Germany;

  •     the depression of the Jews (Anne Frank);

  •     the liberation of Europe (starting with D-Day in Normandy);

  •     the liberation of Eerde;

  •     the wars of today;

  •     the association with each other in the group;

  •     refugees/foreigners/racism;

  •     the monument in Eerde.

In the preparation for May 4th these subjects are again discussed at school. The children also pay a visit to the concentration camp in Vught, of which a part has been preserved. There are volunteers who give the children a guided tour. This visit is very impressive, even to the parents who accompany the children.

Throughout the years the children have been working on these issues very seriously. They are very willing to take part in the commemorations.
In June class 8 hands over this task to class 7. We try to make this a day to remember, for example by organizing an activity in the sanddunes near Eerde, with WW II army vehicles.
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