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Children speaking at the commemoration


Eerde has one primary school with about 100 children, divided into 8 groups. The children aged 11 and 12 are in the highest group. This class adopts the Geronimo monument in Eerde.
Adoption means that the pupils attend the commemorations on September 17 and May 4 every year, read stories about war, liberation, freedom, and so on. The children assist with the wreath laying and also lay a flower arrangement on behalf of their class.
Many veterans have visited the class in recent years. This personal contact always makes a big impression on the children.
In June, just before the summer holidays, group 8 hands over the adoption task to group 7. Prior to this transfer, the Airborne Committee will organize an educational activity, for example with history lessons in the windmill or an excursion to the battle fields with WW II army vehicles.

Adoption class 2020-2021

At the commemoration on  September 17th,  2020

Adoption class 2019-2020

After receiving a booklet about the life of Gilbert Astin.

Adoption class 2018-2019

With guests Edwin Hunt, George Avery, Al Mampre, Jack Myers, Fred Glover, Willem Witvliet.

Adoption class 2017-2018

With Vincent Speranza.

Adoption class 2016-2017

With Vincent Speranza.

Adoption class 2015-2016

With Vincent Speranza and Ray Nagell.

Adoption class 2014-2015

With relatives of Gilbert Astin.

Adoption class 2013-2014

With Ray Nagell and his wife Helen.

Adoption class 2012-2013

At the museum Wings of Liberation.

Adoption class 2011-2012

With John Primerano and Ray Nagell.

Adoption class 2010-2011

With John Primerano.

Adoption class 2009-2010

With John Primerano and Bobby Hunter.

Adoption class 2008-2009

With Ray Nagell.

Adoption class 2007-2008

With Ray Nagell and John Primerano.

Adoption class 2006-2007

With Bobby Hunter.

Adoption class 2005-2006

With Ray Nagell.

Adoption class 2004-2005

After the commemoration on September 17th, 2004 (6oth anniversary).